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Deck Builder

For all types of deck services, ranging from the minor deck repairs and cleaning to the complete deck upgrade tasks, we are here to assist you at every step. We cover all types of deck services that your deck may require. Just have a look at the main services that we offer.

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The Services We Offer

Here are some of the main services that we offer:

  • Upgrading your old wood deck to the Trex Composite Deck
  • Deck Cleaning
  • Deck Replacement
  • Deck Staining Services
  • Complete Deck Maintenance
  • Deck Restoration
  • Deck Repair of all types e.g. fitting the loose railings and stairs, etc.

Deck Repair

Every deck, whether it’s a minor adjustment or a complete overhaul, will require maintenance at some point. Even if the majority of your deck is in fine condition, it’s critical to replace a few cracked or damaged boards right away. In the long term, it is more useful and less expensive to fix minor concerns immediately.

Deck Staining

A deck on a house is a great area to unwind, spend time with family, or entertain guests. You’ll need a professional deck cleaning service to keep your wood deck in tip-top shape so it looks and feels like new. Cleaning your deck will also assure your safety because our cleaning personnel will take care of little, unseen dirt such as splinters, nails, and screws.

Deck Maintenance

To extend the life of your deck, we utilise special sealers. They will extend the life of your deck without causing any problems. Furthermore, you won’t have to deep clean your deck every day because we’ll already have done so and fixed the issues.

Why deck cleaning & maintenance is important?

Most of the people question why it is important to clean and maintain their deck if it is already in the perfect condition? This question is very important for us to answer because this is the biggest mistake that most people make and ignore the maintenance of their decks.

When you install a new deck and buy a new home with newly built decks, you need to keep it clean along with staining and maintaining it whenever required. It is because these simple steps assure that your deck will have a long life without any major issues. However, if you fail to clean and maintain your deck, it will start to get damaged very soon, and its life span will get shorter.

When a deck doesn’t have enough cleaning and maintaining services, it starts to deteriorate. As a result, it costs you more to replace it with a new deck. Furthermore, it also imposes questions on your safety, and a damaged deck may get you injured. Therefore, it is critically important to consider the deck cleaning and maintenance routine to avoid all such issues along with enhancing the life of your deck.

Deck maintenance by ‘yourself’ Vs. ‘deck service provider’

There is a huge difference between the deck maintenance by yourself vs. the deck maintenance by a deck service provider. The biggest difference is the expertise and knowledge for deck maintenance. You may be unaware of a number of facts about how to keep good care of your deck and how to manage it correctly because every deck is different and requires different techniques to maintain it.

A deck service provider has in-depth knowledge in this field, and better knows which type of deck needs which type of care and services. Furthermore, a deck service provider has years of experience in dealing with deck issues and resolving them which makes him more proficient. As a result, a deck service provider can enhance the appearance and life of your deck through his exceptional deck services and excellence in his performance.

A professional will also be able to determine which the best course of repair is. For example, if you see any signs of rot, it is best to contact a professional as this is a bigger job and might require high level repair or restoration.

In truth, you can also save more money by hiring a deck service provider. If you don’t have the right tools, you will have to buy them first, which can be pricey. Aside from that, DIY projects are prone to mistakes because you are not trained and experienced enough to handle the restoration process. In this case, you might have to purchase more product to cover your mistakes or eventually hire a professional to fix the problem. This means you will be spending double what you would have to pay if you just hired a professional in the first place.

Maintaining a deck may also seem like an easy and quick job, however, if you do not have the necessary training and tools, it will take you more time than what is necessary. Hiring a professional deck service provider will allow you to save time that you can use to spend with your family and friends or enjoy by yourself.

Sudbury Deck Builder Pros

Here are the following pros of repairing your home deck with Sudbury deck builders.

  • Quality-oriented service

One of the biggest advantages of choosing us is quality-oriented services. We assure quality in every little task we perform on your deck. We believe that without performing a quality-oriented job, we won’t be able to win the hearts of our beloved customers. Furthermore, assuring quality in deck building is also important to build credibility in our job and to continue our license. Therefore, we train all of our staff members on a regular basis on how to perform quality-oriented work. In fact, quality is the key element of the Sudbury deck builder without which they can never exist. Therefore, you would enjoy the most reliable and high-quality deck services with us.

Quality is everything. It is the result of excellent work.  Be it a small repair or a complete rebuild, we are your team that can guarantee the duration and stability of your home deck.  We will never compromise on quality and excellence. In fact, our friendly team of experts have undergone vigorous trainings to ensure that they are the right people for the job, thus guaranteeing a quality-oriented service. Furthermore, Sudbury’s team members are far from novices when it comes to deck building knowledge. They take care every fine detail to ensure that the project is done efficiently and properly. Hence, we take pride in our work and go all out to the satisfaction of our clients.

We guarantee that our deck builders surpass other local deck building companies in terms of professional and affordable deck maintenance services throughout Sudbury. Our deck building and maintenance services are designed to be done at your convenience. Our team members have been trained to finish each job the right way, efficiently and affordably, so your deck can regain its original beauty without being too costly. When you choose us to care for your decks, you get workers that know how to make the most of their time while providing you with the best deck services available.

  • Continuous progress reports

The thing that makes our business flourish is the continuous progress reports that we deliver to our clients. Whenever you call us for any deck service, we will consistently send you the progress reports about the work. It helps the clients to stay tuned with the ongoing work at their home if they are not available at that time. It also helps in assuring that the client is completely satisfied with the work-in-process. As a deck building company with years of experience, our experts understand that most homeowners want to be aware of the progress in any house renovation project. Because of this, to ensure you completely enjoy our service, our deck builders will provide you progress reports and updates as they go along the deck building process.

If the client requires any changes, we perform it right then before it gets too late. Maintaining and delivering continuous progress reports helps us in achieving this step. At the same time, it helps our clients to keep a track of the on-going work at their location.

  • After-sale service

It is also one of the best advantages of hiring us that we always keep in touch after performing a specific job. Most of the deck service providers blame the clients for the damages after they made a repair. However, we never do this to our clients but we always check them after we perform any service. If anything negative happens right after our service, we go back and make the repairs again. We never blame our clients for any issues, even if they call us numerous times. For this reason, we maintain a customer service number where you can call and discuss your queries with us. Our staff will always prioritize you and take a prompt action on your queries or complaints and make sure they are resolved immediately.

Even if you don’t call us, our team will call you back to ask if everything is going right. Fortunately, we never receive any complaint about our service when we call back to confirm. This is all due to performing high-quality work with absolute perfection.

Nevertheless, feedback of our services from customers are welcome and invited. We believe that feedback will helps us get to know our customers better and incorporate the necessary changes for better customer satisfaction.

  • Long-term warranties

Another best thing about Sudbury Deck Builder is that we offer long-term warranty for new deck installation. For the new deck installation, we only use high quality and durable materials that don’t go out of order shortly. Instead, they go for years without any damage. We also offer a warranty of 2-3 years along with the care instructions. If you follow all of these, we guarantee that your deck would stay the same for more than ten years. However, regular maintenance is still necessary to prolong its life.

  • Free in-home inspection and quotes

Along with the above benefits, we also offer free in-home inspections and quotes for overall pricing. If you are unsure about whether your deck needs the repairs or not, you can ask our representatives.

If you are unsure about whether your deck needs the repairs or not, you can ask our representatives. We strongly recommend your decks be professionally inspected periodically. If your decks are damaged, may it be small or extensive, we also advise that you call us immediately. Professional inspectors will arrive at your residence with the right equipment and expertise to inspect the damage at no extra charge.

For this purpose, you can contact us either through dialing a direct call or through contact with our contact form. In either way, you will get a quick response from our customer care center. You can tell them the time and date on which you will be available. They will come to your place for an audit and inspection of your deck. Then, they will also give you the estimated price quotes along with discussing the processes for repairing. They will only proceed if you want so.

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