Dial 249-806-0460 or fill out our “Contact Us” form to book an appointment for your deck audit and improvements.  Make sure to completely describe the issue and fill the right information into the ‘contact us’ form.

Also, provide the correct email address so that we may contact you back on that email. When you fill out the form, make sure to double-check your information to avoid any issue later on. 

You will get a response from our customer service center within 24 hours after we receive your email. Once you send us an email by filling out our ‘contact us’ form, please wait for at least 24 hours to hear from us.

Please avoid sending more emails within the same day because it will generate many tickets for your same query that will create confusion.

No matter whether you are sure about the issue with your deck or not, you can always contact our customer service center to have a conversation regarding your deck. Our agents at customer service centers always give a quick response to our customers and help them in every possible way. You can also contact us to booking an audit for your deck.

If you do so, make sure to schedule a date and time at which our professionals will visit your location to identify the issue with your deck. We also provide free cost estimations for any deck services for your deck. So, feel free to contact us any time you want for all types of deck services.


What makes us special?

Want to know what makes us special and distinguish us from other deck service providers? Let’s explore it here:

  • Our way of performing the deck services makes us special and unique from other services providers of deck. Most of them only use few steps in completing a single task. However, we always go into the depth of the matter better applying the actual procedure. For example, we always perform an in-depth investigation of the deck and its footings before we upgrade or restore it and then follow a further 7-step process to complete the job. As a result, it brings in more efficiency into the results of our deck services.
  • We have a deep focus on maintaining excellent customer service. We believe that the only way to keep our customers happy is to take good care of their deck. So, we perform our deck services by heart and full dedication at the least prices to win the heart of our customers.
  • We provide an in-depth and honest evaluation as well as cost estimations without any hidden charges to give an accurate overview of the deck services. This is the core reason for why our customers believe that we are the most reliable, honest, and best deck service providers.