Decks made from old Wood are unsafe because they splinter, chip and rot. Trex composite deck is termite-proof and insect-proof because bugs can’t burrow into it, lay their eggs and cause it to rot. Switching to Trex means you don’t have to spend money replacing wood that has been infested by termites or other insects over and over again. With a Trex Composite Deck, you can expect at least 25 years of durability and beauty out of your investment. Many of us purchase something because it’s inexpensive but that cheap price tag is only superficial, and in most cases, you get what you pay for. If you spend some more money and paid for features like quality and durability, you will spend less money over time and get less headache and stress as well. As a seasoned deck builder, we at Sudbury can answer any questions you have related to upgrading your old wood deck to Trex composite, so you can decide whether you want this durable and beautiful decking material to be added to your home.


Having a professionally reliable Trex composite decking is important to avoid any issues later on. For this purpose, our Trex decking is the most reliable in the city because of a number of reasons. For example, our trained and knowledgeable staff, high-quality equipment, and years of excellence make us the most reliable. With our professional services, you would be proud of your new Trex decking that would look adorable.

We guarantee that our trex composite decking will last longer than the other types of composite decking. The best thing about having our services is that we will provide you the longest period guarantee of our decking. Every day, we upgrade a number of old wood decks into the new Trex composite decks that our customers love to have. All of our customers who have got their decks upgraded by us are completely satisfied and happy with our expertise and professionalism in this domain.

The most compelling reason for why you must upgrade your deck to the Trex composite deck is that it is the most durable and high-quality. Once we change your old wood deck into the new composite deck, it will give a more elegant look to your outdoor. Even after passing 2 years or more, it will look the same as it is new. Another good point is that you will not have to spend a lot of your time in keeping it new and tidy; instead, the Trex composite deck requires the least maintenance. These features make it more desirable in the construction of new homes.